First we want to share that, participation in crypto-currency is a high-risk activity. Our project is directed to experienced professionals familiar with Blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and forex trading.
By participating in this project, the buyer should accept the security risks and potential financial losses. The participant declares that he/she is aware of the legal uncertainty related to this type of service and that he/she has conducted his own examination of the compliance of the services offered by USEON with the applicable law.
Anyone who buys USEON products acknowledges the project's technological and economic uncertainty presented in the Whitepaper.
Therefore, participants should be aware of the lack of possibility to take any legal action against the founders, company in the event of the project's failure or non-performance, and in the event of a decline or even total loss of value of USEON. The purchase of products allows you to use the services.
More specifically, the company's sole responsibility is to distribute the products under conditions set out in the Whitepaper.
During this project cannot be held responsible for any of the following:
Computer failure resulting in loss of data. Loss of control for any reason (hacking, unwanted disclosure, or technical failure) of the users login details that could lead to fraudulent use of tokens.
Use of the service not in accordance with applicable terms. All direct or indirect damages that may occur during the operation: Crypto currencies losses, financial gains or losses, or other damages of this nature.